Phrase book #1


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This is the first phrase book for “Purana Purusha Shama Churn Lahiree” – the ultimate literature for guidance in Kriya Yoga – the biography of Sri Sri Sri Yogiraj himself. This is a collection of articles for 18 phrases, previously published in our free Yoga Sadhana Magazine “Pavithra Kamalam”
The collection is intentionally made random as to avoid perceiving a knowledge-funnel.



Paramam Pavithram is a vision for the whole community; Where every single person sees everything as Divine and perceives just the Divinity encompassing any material thought. Every single soul in the society would be in such an Awakened State that there would only be positivity brimming in the mind, without an iota of space for egoistical manifestation of any thought or its gathered mass of negativity towards anything whatsoever.

Once we have such a spiritual revolution on a magnitude that the present era requires, the whole world would pamper itself in prosperity and peace; Harmony and love.

We are building these steps for our children, their children and the future generations to come, with resonance of positive vibration “Loka Samastha Sukino Bavanthu

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