Narasimha Ashtakam – Illustrated Sloka #1


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This prayer was written by a saint by the name Shrimad Paramahamsat Yati Jiyar. Reciting this prayer daily removes obstacles, destroys previous sins, provides good health – creating an overall protective shield by one of the fiercest God, Lord Lakshmi Narasimhar!



Paramam Pavithram is a vision for the whole community; Where every single person sees everything as Divine and perceives just the Divinity encompassing any material thought. Every single soul in the society would be in such an Awakened State that there would only be positivity brimming in the mind, without an iota of space for egoistical manifestation of any thought or its gathered mass of negativity towards anything whatsoever.

Once we have such a spiritual revolution on a magnitude that the present era requires, the whole world would pamper itself in prosperity and peace; Harmony and love.

We are building these steps for our children, their children and the future generations to come, with resonance of positive vibration “Loka Samastha Sukino Bavanthu


Initially, we have identified few Mantras/ Slokams/ Stotrams that are power-packed and have a holistic goodness to the individual while we recite them sincerely. To get the younger generation intereseted in these mystical scripts, we have started producing them in comic book format, with appropriate illustrations to explain the Sanskrit words/ concept/ story indirectly looping the readers in contemplating on the stanzas. Please note, the choice of the Mantras are not based on any particular preference or order, but the availability of the associated resources and research material for the editorial team. To suggest/ prioritize and rationalize the upcoming efforts, please check out the “Volunteer” page. The completed comics available for sale are listed in the “Books” section and we kindly request your valuable patronage for the noble initiative.

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