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Mundaka removes the super-imposed veil of ignorance obscuring the Atma through direct and penetrating exposition of the Higher Knowledge like a razor removes the hair from the head.This Upanisad contains most famous,oft quoted analogies in language which is picturesque,couched in charming metre and diction. As ths spider projects and withdraws (unto itself) the web,as the herbs and plants sprout from the earth,as hairs grow on the head and body of man,so from the Imperishable Being comes out the Universe (I-i-7). The Pranava is the bow,the Atman is the arrow and the Brahman is said to be it’s mark i.e.,Brahman (II-ii-4). Two birdss bound to each other in close friendship,perch on the self-same tree.One of them eats the fruits of the tree with relish,while other (just) looks on without eating (III-i-1). Gurudev’s commentary on the Upanisad,like on all other Upanisads gives insights to the seeker to understand the subtle language of the Upanisads in a easy and clear manner.His master strokes are very evident in his lucid lectures on the Upanisad. The book has sold 15,000 copies ever since it was first published in 1953.

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