Mandukya Upanishad with Karika: 1

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The Mandukya-Upanisad is the shortest amongst the principal Upanisads having just 12 mantras but presents the quintessence of our entire teaching of Upanisads. It analyses the entire range of human consciousness in the three states of waking (jagrata)dream (swapna) and dreamless sleep (susupti) which are common to all humans.It asserts un-eqivocally that the Absolute Reality is non-dual(advaita) and attribute-less (nirguna). It has a unique method of approach to Truth.It provides symbol to for meditation in the mono-syllable AUM comprising of three sounds A,U,M,detailing it’s philosophical implications.According to Muktikopanisad,it forms the epitome of all the hundred and eight Upanisads which have been accepted as authentic.

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