Kriya Yog Va Saadhan Rahasya (HINDI)




Kriyayoga is not something strange or enigmatic, nor a figment of fancy. It is essentially an easy and simple method of performing art, firmly grounded on reality.

This tome attempts to show the way how to make this moral sojourn meaningful, how to saturate this worldly life with the radiance of eternity.

The Intensely secret, absolute and ultimate topic of Kriyayoga has probably never before appeared in print in such a simple and straight forward exposition. Almost all the religious scriptures in one way or the other enjoin the practice of yoga. The Buddhist anapana smriti, the Islamic Zikar, the Christian Hesychasm or the pranayama of our traditional scriptures may sound different literally, but the central theme is identical. The Islamic noor and jyoti of our yoga scriptures are one and the same. The Sikh or the Vaishnava mystics are also the travelers in the same boat. The framework of this book stresses this thematic synthesis. The notion that yoga synthesizes all the religions is not a mere cliché but a living realization of Truth. A clear, grand presentation of doctrines as such and perceptive exposition of the highest realm of thought and meditation are the contents of this masterpiece.

8th October, 1951. Drew first breath on the day of auspicious autumnal Mahashtami. Childhood and early youth were like any other boy. Initiated in chanting the verses of Srimadbhagavat Gita for the first time after upanayana (ceremony of taking sacred thread a ritualistic symbol of brahmins) came across the sloka

Ananyascintayanta mam Ye janah paryupasate Tesham nityabhiyuktanam Yogakshemam vahamyaham (9/22)

The holy God takes upon Himself the entire responsibility of one who is exclusively devoted! It stirred him strongly. The result: departure from home in search of Truth. Wandering about for days and months in this or that part of the country he attained strange experiences and profound knowledge of scriptures but derived no satisfaction. By some miracle once came in contact with Swami Bhabananda Giri who took him under his arms. Now started crossing the stages of yogic sublimity one after another. Within a very short period reached the final goal. After self-realization started the life of Acarya. To cater to the needs of practitioners of yoga he has authored several books. Pregnant with profundity of wisdom and sublimity of thought these mystic exposures have turned out to be of permanent importance in the world of theology. To his innumerable devotees and admirers he is not only the embodiment of Godliness, but a living God- the ultimate repository of peace and sublimity. He holds the key to self-realization and salvation. Following his guidelines one can cross the barriers of mundane existence to attain the summit of human life. Mortals like us are indeed fortunate to have a being such as him in our midst a recluse of the highest order who has not retired into the obscure nooks of the Himalayas or into the inaccessible sylvan retreats of the Narmada, but continues to live within us in a semiurban conglomeration of Jujersa, just a few miles off Kolkata.

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