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‘Aparoksanubhuti’,a Prakriya Grantha’ is an introductory text book written by Adi Sankaracarya and not a ‘Sastra Grantha’.A ‘Prakriya Grantha’is a book of definitions ,a book of categories written in order to explain the deep truths given in the ‘Sastras.’Aparoksanubhuti’ is one of the fundamental text books in vedanta.One must not be misled by it’s false look of simpilcity.Though it looks simple there is a wealth of profoundity in it. ‘Aparoksanubhuti’ helps the student to directly perceive the truth,and hence the very text book is called ‘A-para-aksa-anubhuti.”Aksa’ means ‘eyes’ ‘Para-aksa’ means somebody;’s eyes.Hence paroksa means through the eyes of someone else or secondhand.’Aparoksa’ means not second hand,i.e.,first hand.’Anubhuti’ means experience.Direct experience of the Self within ourselves.The very name of the book thus indicates that the emphsis is more on practice than on theory. This book is a ready vehicle to enter into the path of meditation.The ideas in the book,being fundamental points of Vedantamare similar to the ones in,Atma Bodha or Vivekacudamani,also by Adi Sankara,But ‘Aparoksanubhuti’ delves even deeper,for the advanced seeker to guide one in a direct experience of the Self.The book also gives enough material to logically convince one that what is emphasised is not a thoretical explanation but a practical book to those who can live the spiritual values and come to experience,the Atman,the Self within oneself.

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