A movement to encourage the authors & publishers who bring down words from the astral world for success, happiness, prosperity and inspiration to the mankind. A movement to provide an equally satiating experience for the vitality of this structure ā€“ the readers like you, without whom society would not be where it is now.In this whole art, it becomes infinitely difficult in serving the channels that cater to Self-Development, Soul-Realization and Spiritual-Perfection for all its various reasons. InkAura is an initiative to plug the gap in this spectrum. InkAura makes it possible for the not-so-famous publishing houses, research scholars and authors use InkAura platform to showcase their cutting edge research and published work alongside the mainstream commercial books. InkAura is a platform where commercial interest is sidelined and works are showcased purely based on merit. Merit in achieving the envisioned movement. For the readers, InkAura makes available a whole new horizon of innovation and information. Started in early 2013, InkAura is working towards the launch of its full-fledged virtual shop and a well stocked shop in Chennai by 2014.

If you would like to showcase your publication house/ your published works in InkAura, please write to us at: godarellc@gmail.com